The Charlotte region is strategically poised for logistics and distribution operations due to three main factors:

  1. Crossroads of Superior Interstates (I-85, I-77, and I-40)
  2. ExcellentInternationalAirport (6th busiest in the world)
  3. Two Major Railroads serving the area, enhanced by the new $90 million Norfolk Southern Intermodal Yard

Within a 650 mile radius of Charlotte there are 164.2 million people which is greater than the same radius for New York and Atlanta. The same 650 mile radius encompasses 55 of the largest 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Charlotte Logistics Fast Facts:

  • 53% of the nation’s population is within a two hour flight or one day drive
  • 7.4 million people living within a 100 mile radius
  • More than 900 foreign-owned firms have facilities in the area
  • More than $4 billion worth of manufactured good exported annually from North and South Carolina
  • 20 Cargo Airlines out of CharlotteDouglasInternationalAirport including all integrated carriers
  • Charlotte is 3rd Nationally in Chemical Wholesale Sales
  • Charlotte is 16th Nationally in overall Wholesale Sales

For more information regarding Logistics in the Charlotte Area please visit: http://charlottechamber.com/clientuploads/Economic_pdfs/Logistics-Ports.pdf

Whiteside Industrial Properties has been instrumental in orchestrating lease and sale transactions for countless logistics operations since 1991. From specialized wholesalers, large scale 3PL’s, to international shipping operations like FedEx. We understand the needs for every type of distribution and provide guidance on property selection based on building functionality and comparable market rates/pricing. We know flexibility, efficiency, and affordability are vital to the distribution industry.  The following characteristics are important to keep in mind when selecting a distribution facility:

Location:  Ease of ingress and egress to property and proximity to Interstates
Clear Height: The potential height of racking or palletizing goods can dramatically increase the building volume without increasing the square footage requirement; realizing savings on leasing expenses
Building Depth:   If a building is too deep (over 200’) run time between picks may become inefficient and costly depending on the inventory turns
Truck Court:  Modern truck courts should have ample room for maneuverability, concrete aprons, trailer storage, and convenient ingress and egress 
Loading:    From the number of dock doors, to dock levelers and pit levelers, to covered platforms and interior dock wells; a building’s receiving area can make a significant impact on the overall functionality 
Fire Suppression: ESFR sprinkler systems allow companies to utilize the most of the building’s clear height and rack higher than less desirable systems
Lighting:  T-5 and other energy efficient lighting equipped with motion sensing technology only provides light when a current bay is being used; saving hours of unnecessary burn time

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