South End

South End Charlotte is a prime example of a historic industrial district that has transitioned into an eclectic and booming urban high density environment. Redeveloped industrial buildings are mixed in with modern high rise condo developments and garden style apartments. The new residential developments along the Lynx Light Rail line offer modern amenities for young professionals while the redeveloped industrial properties offer supporting retail services with character and a sense of preservation with a unique vibe.

Whiteside Industrial Properties has been a part of South End since 1997 when purchasing and redeveloping the historic Textile Supply Mill into office condos on South Mint St.

There are many factors that have contributed to the booming growth South End has experienced in the last 15 years. Proximity to uptown Charlotte and adjacent to Historic Dilworth and Wilmore neighborhoods offer established book ends for infill growth. The addition of the Lynx Light Rail line was a major catalyst to the residential development throughout the neighborhood. The availability of large industrial tracts expedites development eliminating the need for an assemblage. The influx of residents is now spurring retail oriented growth that can take advantage of existing industrial buildings to offer unique settings for shops, restaurants, and office space.

South End Facts

  • 750+ businesses balanced between retail & commercial
  • 328 businesses represent the Creative District
  • 57% increase in tax values over past 8 years
  • $450 million in private development since November 2007
  • 17,194 Center City Residents
  • 3200 South End Residents
  • 3.4M SQ FT of Housing Options
  • 42% Between 22-44 Years of Age
  • 15,000 Average Daily Lynx Blue Line Riders
  • 4 Lynx Stations in South End

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